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Founded in 2017, we have established ourselves as a trusted online market platform servicing thousands of customers every day. We are currently onboarding registered individuals / firms to associate with us as business partners in various cities across India who are already running distribution business, retail shops, repair / refurbishing centers in mobile phones, laptops, smart devices sector or who are looking forward to starting a new business in this domain.

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Get access to inventories from Recycledevice PAN India warehouses at wholesale prices and super discounts. Stop thinking and start business with us today by downloading RD Partners app via Whatsapp link or Google Play link.

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Warehouse Partner

Looking to enter the world of used devices market also called as re-commerce ; you have reached the right spot to take you on an exciting journey of growth as more and more people around us are getting connected to digital world but not all can afford a new device.

So what is the business all about ?

  • Co-partner a warehouse in your city with us.
  • Easy daily warehousing operations like receiving, barcoding, dispatch.
  • Make money.

Wondering how to overcome challenges to make warehousing business a successful one. Don't worry, we have got you covered with our advanced technology and warehousing platform.

Common Question Our Answer
What is the minimum area needed to start a warehouse ? 150 - 250 sq ft is enough to start warehouse operations.
What is the hardware, software and manpower requirement ? Complete setup of warehouse done by Recycledevice free of cost including workstation, storage racks, computer, printer, scanner etc. Software for warehousing operations also provided by Recycledevice along with warehouse operator staff on company payroll.
What are the expenses to be borne by me ? None to be paid by you as all expenses are paid by company including rent, electricity, manpower, packaging, courier, daily running costs etc.
Do I need to have a GST registration to start warehouse ? We partner with both GST registered entities and un-registered individuals with basic KYC documents.
Is there any franchisee fee associated with this program ? No there is no franchisee fee or any hidden fee in our business model.

To join our warehousing network ; please submit below form and our team will reach out to you with next steps.